5 Valid Reasons Why You May NOT Need a Ghostwriter

Not Every Business Needs a Marketing Ghostwriter

While the trend toward marketing with content is becoming the most effective way to reach current and Content Marketing Strategyprospective customers, not everyone needs a professional copywriter to write it for them.  Here are the primary categories of those who don’t need a pro writer:

  1. You Write with a Conversational Tone:  Too many highly educated people spiral down into writing for their college professor when they sit down to write.  That is a BIG mistake!  Pay attention to the way you talk to your regular customers.  Pay attention to the language you use to make them feel comfortable with you as a person.  Notice I did not say to pay attention to the language for selling products and services.  While that aspect of writing is important, it is not nearly as critical is making the reader feel comfortable with you as a person.
  2. You Know Your Ideal Client:  If you will sell your products and/or services to anyone who has the cash to purchase, you need a consultation to narrow your target.  Today’s digital world despises the generalist that will sell to anyone.  If you have not narrowed your focus for marketing content to a smaller niche, the customer feels that you are irrelevant.  They assume that you cannot understand – much less serve – their needs.
  3. You Can Feel Your Prospect’s Pain:  If customers have no discomfort without what you offer, they are probably not very good customers.  Even if you provide luxury products, you must identify “WHY” the customer buys from you.  They didn’t wake up one morning and decide to give you a little of their money.  Something about their experience of life cried out from deep inside them and your service satisfied their discomfort of living without it.  Get really, really clear about that discomfort.  Otherwise your written content will be meaningless to them.
  4. You Have Plenty of Time:  Creating content that engages the reader is a bit time-consuming for anyone.  Professionals can knock out incredible content is less than a quarter of the time needed a non-professional.  Sure, you can click away on the keyboard and get some written content produced for your website, social media posts or email marketing.  Quick and Easy is just that.  Google has made quick and easy content pretty worthless for SEO purposes.  Your prospects are much more discerning.  A quickly prepared document that takes an hour to create will often become an hour totally wasted.  If you want to write for your business, make sure you have time to make it relevant, interesting and useful to the reader.
  5. You’ve Learned the Science of Copywriting:  Long before computers, copywriters used a scientific approach to getting reader’s to act.  Their work typically came in the mail with a heavily stuffed envelope stuffed with written material.  Since this type of copywriter gets really low compensation up front, with commissions (aka royalties) based on sales.  When your compensation is so heavily weighted on results, you learn a thing or two about what works.   In the digital age, there is a dizzying array of proof for each method a pro copywriter uses.  After more than a decade learning this craft, I must spend at least a day or two each week just keeping up with the new studies and data.  It is an ever-evolving science.

I am grateful that I still find the study of marketing copywriting fascinating (too many ‘ings’ in a row).  I’m sort of like a 10-year old boy who is fascinated with bugs.  I never tire of learning what makes people become engaged with written content.  I even keep a book of Power Words on my desk because the change of a single word can make a big difference in the ROI for my client.

Creating Content for Business is No Longer Optional

For those of you who think this is said by a copywriter because of my self interest, let me tell you a few options.  CONTENT is not optional…but carefully written content by a pro copywriter IS optional.

  • Video Content is HOT!  and it does not have to be professionally created for most business.  A business owner or salesperson can simply sit in front of a cheap video camera and talk to the viewer as if the person were sitting in front of them.  YouTube.com is huge evidence of the fact people love to watch videos.  Keep in mind the video content must contain the same ingredients.  It must be interesting, educational and relevant to the viewer.
  • Webinars are Appreciated.  If your product or service is complex, hold a webinar for all your prospects and customers.  Record the webinar and put it on your website.  Send an email campaign to announce the upcoming webinar…remind about the webinar…and finally to send the recorded webinar to the same list.
  • Podcasts are Downloaded.  Watch to notice how many people have something stuck in their ear.  Sure, many of them are grooving to the sounds of their favorite music.  The rest may be learning on the move by listening to podcasts.  You can do it too.  Let me know if you need resources to learn how.

There is no excuse for failing to offer content to your prospects and customers.  Either get busy creating it yourself, or contact me and our team will create it for you.  I am fine with either solution.  In fact, I will help you figure out the most cost-effective way to develop content in a no-obligation half hour consultation.  Just let me know you are ready to take your business into the 21st century with the content your prospects expect from you.


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