5 Valid Reasons Why You May NOT Need a Ghostwriter

Content Marketing Strategy

Not Every Business Needs a Marketing Ghostwriter While the trend toward marketing with content is becoming the most effective way to reach current and prospective customers, not everyone needs a professional copywriter to write it for them.  Here are the primary categories of those who don’t need a pro writer: You Write with a Conversational Tone:  Too many highly educated people spiral down into writing for their college professor when they sit down to write.  That is a BIG mistake!  … Continue reading

Is Your Content Worth Reading???

Content QUALITY Rules!!! Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have heard that “Content is King”.  I have a little different perspective because I think the “Customers are King”.  The content you provide on your website and in your Inbound Marketing efforts is the “Kingdom”. Customers are King Ruling over the Kingdom of the internet is the information-empowered consumer.  They decide who gets their attention.  They decide who is trusted.  They decide who receives their hard-earned cash … Continue reading

Marketing for the Small Business Techno-phobe – Part 1

Do You Hate Learning New Technology? Me Too!!! For those of  you who answered the question with a resounding “YES”, you may think I am kidding when I say I hate the tech learning curve too.  After all, I have developed a program specifically designed to use technology for marketing. HUH??? That’s right.  There are few people who struggle with technology more than me.  However, I am gifted with the ability to see trends in marketing.  I have had this … Continue reading

Dale Carnegie Business Networking Lessons Go Digital

“Talk to Someone about Themselves and They’ll Listen for Hours” The quote above came from Dale Carnegie in his 1936 book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  The insights found in this classic still are among the most oft referred to references for building a strong, profitable business by getting your priorities straight. Companies have always benefited by putting the needs of their customers in the center of business activity.  If you are reading this post, more than likely … Continue reading

Marketing – It is ALL about You!

Magnetic Member Attraction

I know you have heard all the lame claims from companies who profess their product/service is all about you.  Take off that hardened shell that protects your skepticism and see that in my case it is true… Ghostwriting is My Life! My work simply cannot be about me. Sure, I get paid.  I must pay my own bills.  But most don’t really understand the difference between a “normal” writer (novelists, journalists, etc.) and someone who is all about the success … Continue reading

Excuses – Read my “Reasons” for Marketing Failure

Man frustrated with head on computer

Excuses – Disguised as Reasons Gee – I wish I implemented at least half of what I know about marketing to my own business. But I don’t… I could give you a long list of reasons why I just can’t manage to get them done.  Some of them are the same as yours. “I can’t find time.” -or- it’s sister, “”I’m too busy.”  – While this excuse may be valid for most of us, we get up each morning with … Continue reading

Write for the Digital Buyer

Content Marketing to the new buyer

Buyers Have Changed So, if you want to reach them, your content must change too.  Do you know how to reach the internet-enabled buyer?  Writing to reach paying customers is different than what they taught you in school. If you are still writing to please the professor – you are boring your cash-paying customers.  You need to learn what you are doing wrong if you want to develop content your prospects will actually read. Are You One of These People? … Continue reading

Human Understanding Trumps Data By Itself

Decision about time or money

In today’s data-driven business environment it is easy to forget about understanding the humans represented in the numbers.  It is dangerous to be obsessed with numbers while losing touch with the feelings evoked by your sales efforts. Accessing Mental Models If you see the world through data alone, you will miss a lot of what the data tells you.  As far back as the age of Descartes, we have known that perception is our reality.  In other words we see … Continue reading