‘Blurred Lines’ between Sales and Marketing

The Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams controversy is not the only place with “Blurred Lines”…

Merged Sales and Marketing Functions

Not so long ago, the roles of sales and marketing were pretty well defined.Lead Funnel Sales Process

  • Marketing Generated Leads
  • Salespeople Closed the Sale

If this is how your sales process works in your company, you probably have some changes to make.  You better make those changes NOW – – before it destroys your company.

Frankly, the sales process has already transformed into a blended system…or it’s probably failing.

Internet-Enabled Buyers have Control

Not only do the self-centered, information-hungry, narcissistic buyers control the buying process – they will never consider letting you have control again.  You have no choice but to respond to their way of conducting business.

Clear Trends in the Sales Process

  • All sources of new leads SUCK!  Whether you get your new leads from the internet, trade shows or face-to-face networking, it’s unlikely a new lead is ready for a sales conversation.
  • With ‘sucky’ leads being an every day occurrence, sales teams are struggling with making adjustments to the process.  Salespeople may try to pull out their best closing techniques and get treated like they have the plague.  Yet when they try to tone down their pushy methods, they still fail to speed up the sales process.
  • Business owners and marketing people try increasing the number of leads to increase profits and sometimes they get the opposite result.  You see, when a sales team has a larger number of ‘not ready yet’ buyers they end up wasting a whole lot of time trying to drag the prospects into understanding the benefits of your product or service.  Even if your team uses more updated methods of digging for the pain and offering a solution, too many of those digging expeditions are a total waste of time.
  • The solution to your pain in your sales process is to teach the sales staff to disqualify new leads as quickly as possible.  That’s right.  Get all those ‘not ready yet’ prospects out of the sales department and into a relationship building nurture campaign.  In other words, toss those time wasters back to the marketing department.
  • Marketing departments must take responsibility for efficient use of time and resources.  In many organizations, the sales compensation is a huge part of the company overhead.  Giving salespeople sucky leads and expecting them to convert to sales is at best over-optimistic and at worst delusional.  Get busy warming up these new leads with content to attract, engage and sell.  It’s called content marketing.
  • If you are a business owner or marketing person and you don’t clearly understand content marketing – it’s not your fault.  The power of this type of attraction process is pretty new to smaller businesses.  It has been proven to be profitable by the big businesses.

Bottom Line…..

The truth is, a small business can use this type of relationship development to beat every single competitor out there.  I can’t get into any details here, but I can do something better.

Contact me and let’s set a time to talk about your business and your goals.  I promise you the half hour we spend talking will be valuable to you.  I will not pressure you to use my copywriting company.  I will not try to enroll you in a new coaching program.

We will just explore what you are doing now and determine if you need to make some changes in your sales process.  I will even tell you ways you can market with content without spending a dime with me or any other marketer.


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