Marketing for the Small Business Techno-phobe – Part 1

Do You Hate Learning New Technology? Me Too!!! For those of  you who answered the question with a resounding “YES”, you may think I am kidding when I say I hate the tech learning curve too.  After all, I have developed a program specifically designed to use technology for marketing. HUH??? That’s right.  There are few people who struggle with technology more than me.  However, I am gifted with the ability to see trends in marketing.  I have had this … Continue reading

Human Understanding Trumps Data By Itself

Decision about time or money

In today’s data-driven business environment it is easy to forget about understanding the humans represented in the numbers.  It is dangerous to be obsessed with numbers while losing touch with the feelings evoked by your sales efforts. Accessing Mental Models If you see the world through data alone, you will miss a lot of what the data tells you.  As far back as the age of Descartes, we have known that perception is our reality.  In other words we see … Continue reading

Is the World Getting Better -or- Worse…What do YOU think?

At a time like this I question my position.  Yet still, I am confident that the world is improving with each passing moment. I haven’t blogged in a while.  I can’t really explain why. I had a few disappointments (which are a part of each of our lives) and then found myself with too many other things to do.  There is always something.  Even if my business occupied every waking hour (about 18 hours a day right?) – the task … Continue reading

Kate’s Content Quickie – Audio #1

Kate’s Content Quickie These 2-10 minute recorded sessions will help you improve your content one-bite-at-a-time.  Listen while you are getting dressed in the morning…download them onto your iPod or favorite listening device…learn one aspect of “Writing Right” effortlessly. K-C-Q Moment…Listen Now Finding Your Voice…K-C-Q What is “Voice” in Content? Voice is the message you bring to customers that is unique to you. Tool for Finding Your Voice #1 Listen to yourself when you talk to friends.  That is when you … Continue reading

To “Write Right” – You Must Use Intelligence

YES – I Said Use Intelligence Of course you need to BE intelligent.  A stupid person does not have much chance of making a big dent in the world.  In fact, this blog and my personal philosophy in business (and life) is that our innate intelligence is underused because we feel the pressure of society to blend in and not be seen as weird.  That is NOT what I am writing about today. Intelligence Gathering in the Internet Age We … Continue reading

What is REALLY Important to You???

When Life Changes – What Matters to YOU? When asked this question, many would need to ask the area of importance.  In other words, they would believe that what is important in business is totally separate – and different – than what is important on a personal level.  I am going to take a different position.  I personally believe that what is important to you on a personal level shows up on a business level…and…when those two aspects of your … Continue reading

Teleseminars that are Worth Paying For

Tele-Seminar Series begins Tuesday, January 15th The Holidays are over. Reality has sunk in that you need to do something different in 2013 to see your small business profits soar. With all the changes taking place in business, particularly on the internet, nothing consistently bring results more than having a relationship with clients to create loyalty and price flexibility.  The best tool for creating that relationship is written content.  That is exactly why we are teaching the Content to Cash … Continue reading

GET REAL – to Attract Genuine Relationships

We are Plunging into a New Economy Based on Relationships A decade ago people advertised to get their message out to prospective customers.  Clearly that no longer works.  At least in the way that it did in the past.  You can no longer exchange your money for advertising…get the attention of your customer…and sell them your product or service.  If that is your current method, you are almost certainly losing market share.  Even the big advertisers are changing their communication … Continue reading