Is Your Content Worth Reading???

Content QUALITY Rules!!! Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have heard that “Content is King”.  I have a little different perspective because I think the “Customers are King”.  The content you provide on your website and in your Inbound Marketing efforts is the “Kingdom”. Customers are King Ruling over the Kingdom of the internet is the information-empowered consumer.  They decide who gets their attention.  They decide who is trusted.  They decide who receives their hard-earned cash … Continue reading

Human Understanding Trumps Data By Itself

Decision about time or money

In today’s data-driven business environment it is easy to forget about understanding the humans represented in the numbers.  It is dangerous to be obsessed with numbers while losing touch with the feelings evoked by your sales efforts. Accessing Mental Models If you see the world through data alone, you will miss a lot of what the data tells you.  As far back as the age of Descartes, we have known that perception is our reality.  In other words we see … Continue reading

New Beginnings – All Over Again

The words This Changes Everything in 3d letters on white

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time with the reality of constantly changing environments.  I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s – when rapid change was getting a new Sonic on the drag strip in my hometown.  If you don’t share my age group – you have no idea what I am talking about.  Just rest assured that my early training did not equip me for the constant state of change today involves. My … Continue reading

How You Can Save Time by Letting Emails Pile Up

6 Critical Ways to Assess Value in Unread Emails I don’t know about you, but I hate having a load of unread emails in my inbox.  But recently, I have seen enormous benefit in letting them pile up. Lately, I have had so many client and personal business projects on my plate, I simply have not been able to keep up.  Like my coach told me years ago, “Kate, you have very high quality problems.”  I consider an overflowing email … Continue reading

The Awesome Power of a TAR-KET – guest post

Guest Post:  Defining Your Gold in the Market with a Tarket… I get paid by my clients for content writing.  When the article, blog post, web content, eBook, white paper or other content writing shows up digitally, another person’s name is usually shown as the ‘author’.  That is perfectly all right with me.  I talked about how that works in this post.  Another thing that I consider “my job” is to constantly be studying the skills of the masters in … Continue reading

YOU Are in Sales…No Matter Your Job Title

Whether You are a CEO, Minister, CPA or a Parent – You ARE in the Business of Selling! Some of you may be reeling with disgust by this statement.  Not only do you find it untrue…you find it insulting!  Still, I stick by my statement that we are ALL in sales. Why Do I Take This Position? First, it is for your benefit.  Until you recognize that the way you interact with others is virtually always about influencing, you are … Continue reading

Kate’s Content Quickie – Audio #2

Kate’s Content Quickie These 2-10 minute recorded sessions will help you improve your content one-bite-at-a-time.  Listen while you are getting dressed in the morning…download them onto your iPod or favorite listening device…learn one aspect of “Writing Right” effortlessly. K-C-Q Moment…Listen Now Be Real – Authentic Content What is Meant by Authentic? Prospective customers do business with those they Know, Like and Trust and they have a well developed instinct for fakery.   You must be the unique, special and totally real … Continue reading

Looking GOOD – The Visual Appeal of Content

How Do YOU Dress Your Content for Success? You would never go to an important business meeting without the proper clothes. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  We have heard the adage since we were small children.  Yet when you look at the things people say – and don’t say on their websites, social media and blogs – you would think that it never entered their mind to make it attractive. Just like the way … Continue reading