Is Your Content Worth Reading???

Content QUALITY Rules!!!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have heard that “Content is King”.  I have a little different perspective because I think the “Customers are King”.  The content you provide on your website and in your Inbound Marketing efforts is the “Kingdom”.

Customers are King

Ruling over the Kingdom of the internet is the information-empowered consumer.  They decide who gets their attention.  They decide who is trusted.  They decide who receives their hard-earned cash in exchange for goods and services.

Since you have invested your blood, sweat and tears into building a business, it seems unfair for the buyer to demand more of you.  They Do!  

The days of being a trusted provider are pretty much over.  You can whine and complain about how you can’t keep up…your advertising dollars are not returning on the investment…and the fact you are not fully appreciated – even when you provide exceptional service.  Your complaints may be well founded.  But it doesn’t matter…They Rule the Buying Process.

Good News – You Can Win Their Favor – Without Spending a Dime on Marketing or Advertising

While it may seem a mystery why people choose one provider over another, the research has been done and I am letting the secret out.  You may not want to tell anyone.

What Prospective Buyers Want From YOU

Most people don’t even realize how their own buying habits have changed.  Think about the last three  unfamiliar things you purchased (goods or services).  I use the word “unfamiliar” because you don’t act the same way to buy groceries as you do when you purchase a smart phone.  Over the course of two years you spend many multiples more at the grocery store, but the world of groceries doesn’t change much.

Most of the purchase decisions we make involve a “learning curve”.  In other words, technology is pushing our knowledge to its limits.  We can barely keep up with what we need to know about necessities – much less learn enough to be able to purchase something to upgrade our lives or open new opportunities.

Enter the Information Age

Every single one of us is dependent on the information we learn about the purchases we make.  The more your company is highly skilled and competent…the more you need to educate your sales leads in order to convert them to a sale.  And the more complex your offering, the longer the sales cycle is likely to be for your sales team.

As a business, it is critical you adapt to the new buyer attitudes.  The old ways of earning business no longer work.  Even the best sales team in the world is not going to overcome the internet-empowered consumer’s desire to control the buying process.  It is simply too easy for them to access a large amount of content for their education.

Adapting to the New Age

It is really easy to adapt to buyer demands…but it takes an investment of time.  That’s right.  You don’t need money to reach the newly empowered consumer.  You need to take the time to develop content that is information based, relevant to their needs and freely shared whether they purchase from you or not.

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