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You may not have heard of Kate Writes Right…

We work in the background for many businesses to ghostwrite custom digital communications. We’re hired to write web content, articles, blog posts, eBooks, auto-responders, email campaigns, white papers, reports and more.

Let us provide your company with professional content writing services.

Content Marketing Strategy

3 Major Goals of Your Content:

  1. Capture the attention of your reader – You only have 10 seconds to grab them.  We choose words carefully.
  2. Get them excited about what you offer – We learn what your clients want before we write a single word.
  3. Trigger a desired response – Motivate the reader to purchase a product, engage your service, read more, download a free product, or subscribe to your newsletter…whatever your goal…we know how to get the response you want with a carefully crafted content strategy.

Copy Design

We pay attention to the ‘cosmetics’ of your content.  This may be a new term to you.  Just know visual content components are critical to your response rates.  We use these elements to compel positive reaction to your offer. 

Here are a few basic building blocks we use to write your copy: layout, color, fonts, text boxes, teasers, headers and sub-headers,  structure, notes, graphic placement, call to action (CTAs), grabbers, screenshots, structure, borders, free offers, photographs, guarantees and more.

 Take Action Today!

What you say and how you say it is the power behind your sales and business survival.  When done ‘right’, it goes way beyond just generating business.  It also builds credibility and engages the customer into a deeper relationship with you and your company. Do you want these 3 results in your business?

Soothe Buyer Skepticism: If you don’t offer a clear, well-written message the buyer will not have confidence in your company.  When they lack confidence, they will either find another supplier or procrastinate any decision at all. 

Either way – you lose!

Decrease Customer Service Costs: Customers and prospects insist that they clearly comprehend your content and find what they want quickly.  If not, the best you can expect is they will pick up the phone to use your staff’s time.  There is a big cost to every customer service call.  Save payroll expense by making your copy extremely clear and easy to understand.

Find More Time to Grow Your Business:  Probably the most valuable aspect of professionally written content is your peace of mind – knowing you’ve met the customer’s needs – while reducing the amount of time and money you spend attending to every detail of communication. 

Do what you do best…Grow Your Business.

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