YOU want to be a book author... But you can't manage the time to get your ideas out of your heart and head

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Learn why today's most famous business book authors collaborate with a ghostwriter to get a book to the market within a few months...and use very little of their precious time to do it

In this FREE, no-obligation eBook [pdf] you will finally learn the secret.  How do authors you know and admire manage to become #1 book sellers, while  staying very busy in their personal and professional life?

"I never dreamed it would be this easy to get my book written, edited and published as a best seller.  I never could have done it alone."

This is for you if...

If you are a frustrated author, you are not alone.  Some studies indicate up to 80% of Americans believe they have a book in them.  Sadly, most of them go to their grave without getting the book written.  Don't let that happen to  you!

  • Find out the advantages of becoming a best-selling author
  • Discover the reasons why you want to work with a collaborative ghostwriter
  • Ease your mind about the ethics of involving a ghostwriter in your book
  • Get details of the step-by-step process of finding, hiring and collaborating with a ghostwriter

It's Much Easier than You Think! Today's Technology Makes it Possible to Have Your Book on Amazon's Best-Seller List in Months - While Only Requiring a Few Hours of YOUR time.

Download Your Knowledge with a Video Interview

If all your knowledge is trapped inside your heart and head, it's OK.  Using a proven set of interview questions, we can record what you want in the book.

Submit Your Current Manuscript

If you have started your book contents...even if it is scattered documents in your computer...we can bring the book together for you.

Start the Collaboration Process with a Ghostwriter

A highly skilled ghostwriter can bring your book to life.  Your concepts and your voice in your book.  Begin the collaboration at any stage.

Select Your Publisher

For most non-fiction business authors, self-publishing is the only way to go.   Avoid publishing scams with a referral.

The Magic of Book Design

People do judge a book by the cover and the interior design too.  Don't scrimp on the visual aspect of your book.

Market Your Best-Seller

A good book publisher already knows the "secret sauce" of a best-seller.  Let them launch your marketing efforts.

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Get instant access to a FREE eBook that could change your life!

When you are the author of a best-selling book there are no limits to your influence.  People will take you very seriously. 

Simply being listed as a book author on Amazon gives instant credibility when you seek a promotion, speaking opportunity or simply want to differentiate yourself from the countless others who claim to be an expert.

Nothing establishes your expertise quite like being a book author.  People feel they know, like and trust published authors.  You will never feel like people don't value your contribution anymore.  Your value is right there in print.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How can you claim to make my book a best seller?

Will my ghostwriter be shown as a coauthor?

Is hiring a ghostwriter ethical?

What if I only need an editor?