Grab Your Website Visitor like it’s 2015!!!

Visitors Want Your Website to be EASY!!!

Ease is the number one thing people want to experience when they find your website.confusing road signs

  1. They want it to be easy on the eyes and attractive.
  2. They want it to be easy to find what they want.
  3. They want it to be easy to navigate around in your site.
  4. They want it to be easy to read with as few, clear, concise words as possible.

If you don’t provide these four things – at a minimum – your visitor will be gone in a blink of the eye.

Seems almost cruel, doesn’t it!

You have spent countless hours and dollars on your website and visitors quickly go ‘click’ and they are gone.  What a WASTE!!!

 Today’s Website Challenges

As the plethora of new internet content explodes, competing for attention-deficit consumers becomes much harder every day.  Add new devices and screen sizes and many businesses are falling way behind.

Since my expertise is in content, I will focus this post on things I can bring to your business.  At the end of the post, I will give links to other experts covering other aspects of your website strategy.

Responsive Design

In 2014 alone, accessing the internet via a mobile device grew 69 percent.  The explosion of mobile-connected devices renders many websites almost unreadable.  Some people have gone over to the other side and developed new websites on a smart phone first – then adapt it to desktop use.  You will notice my newly revamped website has lots of empty space (called white space).  I think it looks awesome on my smart phone.

Vibrant Colors

Again, it may be a result of smaller devices…but you will find more and more heavily visited websites have pops of very vibrant color.  If your current site is reverse (dark background with light lettering), it is time for you to change your site.  Uninteresting primary colors are pretty much outdated too; but at least they are readable.

A Few Well Crafted Words

Many people struggle with reducing the number of words it takes to convey their message.  It is the biggest challenge to professional copywriters too.  With their pea-sized attention spans, your web visitor may not read a complete sentence before they have judged your site as not helpful.  They are quickly gone and not likely to return again.  This is the number one reason why (and when) business owners really must hire a really knowledgeable copywriter.  All the rest of the content you put on the web becomes a mute point if your website is congested with too many and too weak words.

More Website Essentials

Good web design is in constant change as demanded by an extremely fickle buying public.  Here is some additional reading material from other publishers if you want to learn more:

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