Learn What Emails Your Readers Want

Get Noticed in a Sea of SPAM and YAWN

Lately, have you had a day where you didn’t get enough emails?email marketing in a cloud of digital media

Didn’t think so…I have suffered from email overload for more than a decade.

So how in the world can email marketing get through to the readers?

How can the Direct Marketing Association report ROI rates of 4,300% from email marketing?  In fact, if your target customer is between the ages of 45-54, a full 71% have purchased as a result of an email message.

Shocking – Isn’t it?

How Your Email Gets Noticed

Lots of surveys have been done about what people want to read in their emails.  Of course, an email from family and close friends are favorites.  Your email probably cannot rank among those preferences.  But there are things you can do to make your emails welcomed.  Here are a few:

  • Write conversationally:  Lose the lecture tone and stop acting like a ‘know-it-all’
  • Tell a story:  People like to be entertained.  If you are a natural entertainer, use the talent in your email.  If you are not naturally gifted in making people laugh, a story can be almost as engaging if done well.
  • Be current and timely:  A story based on current events demonstrates you are paying attention.  Your subject line’s power can lean heavily on the latest hot topics.  Personally, I am getting tired of references to 50 Shades, but a subject line with those words in it is likely to be opened.
  • Be a trusted resource:  Nothing prompts a reader to consistently open and consume your emails more than providing useful, actionable information relevant to the life of the recipient.  TRUST is your primary goal.

Hope is Not a Strategy

Just this week, I signed up for a free eBook from a company promising painless video production.  Since I struggle with such technology, I was willing to share my email address until I saw what they had to offer.

The first mistake they made was to not fully understand the persona of their ideal customer.  When I downloaded the eBook, two things were clear.  Their target audience was not the individual entrepreneur like me.  Secondly, the eBook was a veiled piece of promotional material with very little useful or actionable information.

Then I get this email from them – example of bad email contentI am serious.  This was the entire content in the email.  Needless to say, they did not get the response they wanted.  I immediately unsubscribed from getting any more emails from the company.  All the money spent on their website, Facebook advertising, SEO, paying someone to write the awful eBook – All of it was a total waste of money.  Chances are, they have no idea what is happening.

I don’t want you to experience the same dreadful results.

How Email Can Pay You Money

No one is going to pretend that email marketing is easy.  The Direct Marketing Association has almost unbelievable statistics for ONE reason and only one.  The quality of their content is the very best.

Many members of the DMA get paid five figure fees for a six-part email campaign.  Companies pay them the high dollars because the copywriters have proven the ROI of their content.  It is nothing to pay $10K for content bringing you $400K.  It is well worth the investment.

Even these well compensated copywriters don’t hit it out of the park each time.  When they miss the goal on one campaign, they will make revisions based on a scientific method of copywriting evolved over the last 100 years.

As a small business, you are not likely to hire one of these high-powered copywriter.  However, the industry has proven time and again – the quality of your digital content is directly proportional to the income you make from the effort.

I began learning the craft about a decade ago and spend every day studying what is working NOW.  (Good content changes constantly to adapt to buyer behavior.)  If you haven’t already, pick up the Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet available on my home page.  I will do my best to help  you write your own content through education here on the blog and website.  If the education I share is not enough, contact me.  We can talk about developing your email marketing content for you.

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