Does Your Marketing Content Sell YOU?

Selling what you offer your customers in today’s egocentric world has become rather tricky.  Unless you have been paying close attention to buyer behavior, you are probably doing it ALL WRONG!!!

A decade ago, marketing and promotion was all about pushing harder and screaming louder.  It was a fist fight to get the attention of prospective buyers.  Those with loads of cash could flood the market with advertising that resulted in profitable sales.  Smaller companies, with even better products and services struggled to survive because they did not have the cash to spend in advertising.  All they could hope for is to capture the attention of a smaller segment – perhaps a local market – to bring advertising budgets into being reasonable.

David Wins Over Goliath

With the ability to communicate what you offer to a narrowly focused niche, “Davids” are winning over “Goliaths” every day.  Here are a few reasons why:marketing, business content

  1. Buyers control the process of choosing what they buy and who they buy from.
  2. Sellers (companies) cannot succeed by pushing products on the public.
  3. Buyers spend countless hours on the internet researching every purchase – they want to be a smart, well-informed consumer.
  4. Sellers only come into the buying process at the end of the research cycle.
  5. Buyers demand to be given information, advise and even consultancy – free.
  6. Sellers with the insight and budget to create effective marketing content are happy to furnish the information in hopes of gaining trust from the buyer.
  7. Buyers will spend money with companies they trust

Why Big Companies are Still Winning

Even though small companies enjoy a level playing field when it comes to earning the trust of buyers, only a small number of  them have taken the time to learn how to leverage this advantage.  In the meantime, big companies are gathering as much information as possible about how to adapt to this newly-defined buyer.  They are hiring content creators instead of spending all their marketing budget on “Push Media” (aka traditional advertising.  Each year, these big business leaders put more of their marketing budget into content that educates, informs and makes the decision-makers feel comfortable with their brand.

Small companies are missing an opportunity to develop higher profits.  The natural advantage of small companies is the fact that they are close to their customers.  When the owner of a small company thinks of their best customers, an actual person comes to mind.  They know the age group, profession, hobbies, gender and a whole host of characteristics of their very best customers.  Yet, way too many of them still use push methods of advertising to reach out for new customers.

That is simply insane when you think about it.  I won’t repeat the often quoted phrase about insanity…but let’s face it…advertising is becoming less and less useful for building a business.

Big companies use technology to gather data, analyze and define the best customers.  With the technology, they are getting closer every day to getting the same kind of data that shows up without any effort for the small company.  As they develop a techno-image of your best customers, they use content to inform, educate and gain their trust.  Ask any small shoe store what Zappo’s has done to their business.  What happened the shoe business will happen in any company if you let it.

How Small Companies Win

Commit to using what you know about your best customers to engage them with good content.  If you really have no idea what I am talking about – don’t be embarrassed – don’t be discouraged – and certainly don’t give up.

Instead, learn what you can about how to beat the big companies.  It really is relatively easy for you.  You will probably have to reallocate some of your advertising budget to find someone to help you.  Please consider Kate Writes Right to help you.  We will help you craft a plan for reaching your customers on a deeper level than big business could ever do – even with all their big data.  We will also craft the content you need by carefully listening to your expertise.  Contact us today.

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