Human Understanding Trumps Data By Itself

Decision about time or money

In today’s data-driven business environment it is easy to forget about understanding the humans represented in the numbers.  It is dangerous to be obsessed with numbers while losing touch with the feelings evoked by your sales efforts. Accessing Mental Models If you see the world through data alone, you will miss a lot of what the data tells you.  As far back as the age of Descartes, we have known that perception is our reality.  In other words we see … Continue reading

Does Your Marketing Content Sell YOU?

Selling what you offer your customers in today’s egocentric world has become rather tricky.  Unless you have been paying close attention to buyer behavior, you are probably doing it ALL WRONG!!! A decade ago, marketing and promotion was all about pushing harder and screaming louder.  It was a fist fight to get the attention of prospective buyers.  Those with loads of cash could flood the market with advertising that resulted in profitable sales.  Smaller companies, with even better products and … Continue reading

Have YOU Developed an Ideal Client Persona???

Shame on me… I have written countless articles telling OTHER PEOPLE the importance of an Ideal Client Persona.  It is really critical for effective marketing.  Today I was trying to develop some new content for an email marketing campaign for Kate Writes Right and it hit me like a ton of bricks…. I was Storing Everything I know about MY Ideal Client in my Head What a shame!  I know better! And when I started crafting my persona, I learned … Continue reading

Stop Doing That and Do This!

Countless Business Owners Waste Time THINKING They Are Marketing! What About YOU? Marketing your business is HARD.  Sure, there are pleasurable ways to market your business, like going to networking meetings and handing out cards.  But have you ever added up the time you spent at such meetings and compared it to the income you have made?  For most business people, the “facts” would be shockingly dismal. Sure, there are ways to amp up your networking to make it more … Continue reading