WHO are YOU anyway???

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BRANDING is… Branding is something any marketer will tell you is imperative to get noticed in a world where our consumers have the attention span of a fruit fly. Branding is a way to distinguish yourself (or your company) as unique and valuable to these attention-challenged decision makers. Branding sets you apart from competitors. Branding drives customer perception and attracts your ideal clients. Branding is really hard for most business people to develop.  A Five Minute Method for Branding As … Continue reading

Learn What Emails Your Readers Want

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Get Noticed in a Sea of SPAM and YAWN Lately, have you had a day where you didn’t get enough emails? Didn’t think so…I have suffered from email overload for more than a decade. So how in the world can email marketing get through to the readers? How can the Direct Marketing Association report ROI rates of 4,300% from email marketing?  In fact, if your target customer is between the ages of 45-54, a full 71% have purchased as a … Continue reading

Grab Your Website Visitor like it’s 2015!!!

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Visitors Want Your Website to be EASY!!! Ease is the number one thing people want to experience when they find your website. They want it to be easy on the eyes and attractive. They want it to be easy to find what they want. They want it to be easy to navigate around in your site. They want it to be easy to read with as few, clear, concise words as possible. If you don’t provide these four things – … Continue reading