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  • Branding is something any marketer will tell you is imperative to get noticed in a world conversation bubbles with one unique one in redwhere our consumers have the attention span of a fruit fly.
  • Branding is a way to distinguish yourself (or your company) as unique and valuable to these attention-challenged decision makers.
  • Branding sets you apart from competitors.
  • Branding drives customer perception and attracts your ideal clients.
  • Branding is really hard for most business people to develop.

 A Five Minute Method for Branding

As a content writer, I have many tools and techniques for helping clients establish brand recognition.  Of course, all the methods I have used in the past used a lot of words.

Today, I got an email from Wooshii.com that changed everything.  They are a video company – so, naturally their solution uses video. They call it your brand’s ‘tone of voice’.  They also suggest you enroll help from friends/colleagues to do the exercise.

(I must say I can’t endorse the company itself, but check it out for yourself.  I found their content misleading and not relevant to me.  It may resonate differently with you.)

Here is the Wooshii 5-Minute Video Brand Process:

  1. Go to YouTube and watch video ads (They suggest five of them at random.)
  2. Write  the name of the company on a post it note.
  3. Use a boundary (They suggested a rope.)
  4. Ask this question, “Is this the type of video I would like to have for my brand?”
  5. Place the post it note either inside or outside of the boundary based on whether it fit what you would like for a company video.
  6. Ask Why…Make a list of the characteristics of the videos you feel are ‘in scope’ or ‘out of scope’ for your company.
  7. Use the characteristics listed as ‘in scope’ to guide your formation of your video.

Brand Development Expansion

Take Wooshii’s brilliant idea and expand the concept.  Make it work for more than just a method for developing a voice for your videos.

Kate’s Overall Branding Process

Instead of deciding if a video is how you want to show up in video marketing, this exercise using YouTube can dig even deeper into what makes you and your company unique:

  1. Go to YouTube and search for other businesses who offer a similar product or service as your own.
  2. Use the boundary again to place competitor videos inside or outside the boundary according to whether they mirror your core values or have totally different core values represented in their video.
  3. Based on the companies who are inside the boundary, dig deeper into why these videos appealed to you.  Make a list of those characteristics
  4. Determine if the appeal is just to you as a competitor, or if the video also appeals to your common customer.
  5. Use the boundary again to designate which are totally customer focused values, placing the characteristics your customers don’t care about outside the boundary.
  6. Analyze who you are and how you show up in the world by using the words inside the boundary.
  7. Ask what core values you bring to your clients to go beyond the ones you noticed in the video and are unique, powerful and valuable.
  8. Ask why these characteristics are important to you and your company.  Also ask whether they reflect the scope of your brand message.

Does This Exercise Help?

I am fully aware of my sometimes ‘airy-fairy’, right-brained approach to life and business.  Is this a valuable exercise to help narrow the focus of your company value?  Please let me know what you think.

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