Write for the Digital Buyer

Buyers Have ChangedContent Marketing

So, if you want to reach them, your content must change too.  Do you know how to reach the internet-enabled buyer?  Writing to reach paying customers is different than what they taught you in school.

If you are still writing to please the professor – you are boring your cash-paying customers.  You need to learn what you are doing wrong if you want to develop content your prospects will actually read.

Are You One of These People?

  • You know that content is driving the marketplace because you recognize that more than 70% of the buyer research takes place BEFORE they contact someone to buy from.
  • You are frozen at the keyboard when you try to create content and eventually you usually give up.
  • You enjoy writing and think you would be a good business ghostwriter.
  • You were good at writing in school, but have no training in copywriting.

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