Writing Right?

What is “Writing Right?”

Four Ways to Know if YOU are Writing Right:

You offer an Authentic “Voice”

Potential clients and customers need to know WHY to do business with you. The most effective way to attract them to what you offer is to be unique and genuine. Read more..?. 

Readers Trust You

Engage your prospective customers with information they can use. After all, it is all about building a relationship with them. Relationships lead to success. Read more...

Prospects can Find You

There are ways to be found that cost NOTHING but your time and careful strategy. The cost of publishing your message has never been less. It really starts with Zero Dollars.  Read more..

People Talk about You

In today’s world – people talk online. Your best strategy is to cause them to say good things about what you offer them. In fact, try giving them lots of free stuff.  Read more...

Easy reading is
damn hard writing.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne~

Ghost Writing is how I Built a Business…
My clients offer original ideas and smart business platforms. I write to reveal their excellent concepts and personality.

Content Strategy Consulting
With endless options in digital media, many experience overwhelm. A carefully planned strategy, using simple content, is the difference between frustration and profit.

What Do We Write?

  • Web content, auto-responder series
  • Email campaigns, digital newsletters
  • Articles, blog post series, video scripts
  • Brochures, fliers and other printed material